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Natural probiotic for dogs and cats. In diarrhea and loose stools!

A natural nutritional supplement dedicated to dogs and cats in order to stabilize the intestinal flora in the diet. The probiotic is especially recommended in cases of: long-term use of a highly processed diet based on dry food, animals with a sensitive digestive system, with problems with digestion and absorption of nutrients. It reduces the risk of skin and food allergies.

It does not contain genetically modified ingredients (GMO).

Indications: intestinal hypersensitivity, problems related to defecation (loose or large and hard stools with an intense, pungent smell), with antibiotic therapy, food allergies, long-term use of a highly processed diet (dry food), in the case of digestive disorders and reduced immunity. During pregnancy and lactation, and during the intensive development of puppies / kittens.

Net weight: 200 ml

Ingredients: Water (95g / 100g), sugar cane molasses (5ml / 100ml), Sacharomyces cerevisiae 3.3 x 105 cfu / ml.

Lactobcillus casei - stabilizer of the intestinal flora 1k 2 - 1.95x107 cfu / ml
Lactobacillus plantarum - stabilizer of the intestinal flora 1k 2-1.95 x 107 cfu / ml

Analytical ingredients:
Water 95%
Crude protein 4.4 g
Raw ash 7 g / kg
Calcium 650mg / kg
Sodium 88mg / kg
Magnesium 190 mg / kg
Lysine below 0.5 mg / kg
Methionine 0.02 g / kg

Dosage / 24h
Adult cats: 1 ml directly into the mouth.
Kittens: 0.5 ml / day from 3 weeks of age.
Puppies: 1 ml / day from 3 weeks of age.
Adult dogs:
(under 5 kg b.w.) 1 ml
5 - 10 kg b.w. 2ml
10 - 20 kg b.w. 3 ml
20 - 30 kg b.w. 4 ml
30 - 40 kg b.w. 5ml
40 kg b.w. <... 6 ml

A full pipette contains 2 ml of the preparation.

WARNING! It is recommended to administer a double dose in the case of: antibiotic therapy, reconvalescence period, bitches and nursing cats.

Method of administration: the solution should be withdrawn with the attached pipette in the amount appropriate for the animal's body weight. Serve directly into feed or fresh drinking water. The preparation should be administered daily for a minimum of 30 days, twice a year. The optimal duration of the treatment - 60 days.


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