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100% natural food supplement for dogs and cats in the form of freeze-dried krill meal. It is a rich source of fatty acids, astaxanthin, antioxidants, amino acids and minerals. It is an excellent alternative for dogs and cats that do not like or have allergies to fish products.

Krill comes from the clean, deep waters of the Antarctic Ocean, is a rich source of essential fatty acids and astaxanthin, which is many times more powerful antioxidant than vitamins A and E. It is a natural source of 18 amino acids, 11 vitamins and over 70 minerals, which makes it an extremely desirable ingredient diets of every dog ​​and cat. The combination of EPA and DHA acids in complexes with phospholipids, which is unique in nature, results in a much better digestibility than in the case of fish products.

Ecologically clean, not exposed to heavy metals as in the case of marine fish. RawDietLine Krill was stripped of the exoskeleton before grinding, making it a nutritional supplement that is completely safe for dogs and cats. It contains the appropriate level of EPA and DHA, necessary in the diet of every four-legged friend.

Sterilized / castrated animals - due to strong protective properties against free radicals.

Breeding - in breeding dogs and cats due to the appropriate level of EPA and DHA acids, which affects the proper development of fetuses.

Hair and skin - soothing skin inflammations, improving the condition of the coat.

Sport - protection against joint degeneration and inflammation in intensively trained muscles. Supporting the development of muscle mass by reducing fat and muscle soreness after exercise.

-The source of Omega acids
-Super tasty - for fussy eaters
-Nutrition of sports dogs
-Anti-inflammatory effect
-Condroprotective effect
-Soothes oxidative stress

Due to its presence, krill is much safer to contaminate with toxic compounds, including heavy metals (lead), than oily sea and ocean fish.


Ingredients: 100% freeze-dried fat krill flour (without exoskeletons)
Protein 62%
Fiber 3%
Ash 9%

Fatty acids g / 100g of the product:
Omega 3 - 5.4
Omega 6 - 0.7
Omega 9 - 2.4

Antioxidants: astaxanthin esters - 113 mg / kg

Analytical ingredients per 100 g of product:
Iron 3.4 mg
Phosphorus 1.2 g
Zinc 4.2 mg
Copper 6.2 mg
Calcium 1.8 g
Magnesium 0.5 g
Fluorine <1100ppm / kg
Iodine 0.56 mg / kg

Alanine 3
Arginine 3.6
Cysteine ​​0.2
Glycine 2.4
Isoleucine 2.6
Aspartic acid 5.5
Glutamic acid 7.3
Leucine 4.5
Lysine 4.1
Methionine 1.1
Phenylalanine 2.6
Threonine 2.3
Tyrosine 2.3
Valine 2.8
Histidine 1.1
Proline 2.1
Serine 2.2

Vitamin A 1170
Vitamin E 9330
Vitamin B1 16.5
Vitamin B2 30.5
Vitamin B3 2660
Vitamin D3 <0.50 μg

Heavy metals content / 1000g
Cadmium <1mg
Mercury <0.1 mg
Lead <0.05 mg
Dioxins (sum) <1.25 ng
Dioxins (sum) plus Dioxin-like PCBS <4.0 ng
Organic arsenic <8 mg
Unlimited arsenic <0.5 mg
Chromium 0.9 mg
Aluminum 90 mg
Melamine <0.1 mg

Dosage / 24h
CATS 2 measuring cups
<5 kg b.w .: 2 scoops 5-10 kg b.w.: 4 scoops 10-20 kg b.w.: 6 scoops 20-30 kg b.w.: 8 scoops> 30 kg b.w .: 10 scoops

The measuring cup included in the package contains 1g of the product (approximate value)

Country of origin: Norway

Exercise caution if you are allergic to shellfish.

Implement the product gradually in divided doses.


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