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Chicken egg shell meal is a source of perfectly digestible calcium, as well as magnesium, sodium, potassium, zinc and copper. Calcium is the main building block of bones, especially important during the intensive growth of a young organism. The product is recommended as a supplement to the diet of animals fed a raw diet.

Egg shells are a natural source of calcium which is essential for the proper functioning of the locomotor system. The meal obtained after grinding chicken eggshells is the basic building block of bones and teeth. The more calcium is built into the bones during the growth of a young organism, the more so-called peak bone mass that becomes more stable and resistant to injury. Calcium also contributes to the maintenance of normal nerve conduction processes and regular heart beat, as well as to the strength of skeletal muscle contraction. Egg shells are an essential supplement to balance the level of phosphorus found in meat when consuming bones is limited.

Entirely produced in Poland under the supervision of the County Veterinary Inspector.

- Natural source of calcium
- Protection of bones and teeth
- To balance the level of phosphorus in the diet

Ingredients: 100% chicken egg shell meal.
Crude ash: 94%
Calcium: 38g/100g

MICROBIOLOGICAL TESTS: Parameter: Enterobacteriaceae <100 U.k / g. Salmonella - absent.

Dosage: dogs and cats - individually depending on the level of phosphorus in the food.

In the case of animals fed with raw meat, to balance the phosphorus content: lean meat - 7 g, fatty meat - 6.5 g, offal - 7 g, rumens - 2 g / 1 kg of meat (boneless).

The exact dose and duration of use should be determined by the veterinarian.

The measuring cup included in the package contains 2g of the product (approximate value)

Method of administration: serve mixed with food.


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