About us

We are a group of friends. We love all animals, but dogs are closest to our heart.

What we care about:

Quality - not only people deserve a balanced and healthy diet. Our offer includes products with a high meat content, 100% natural products, as well as training treats produced by local Polish manufactories.

Quality is always confirmed by a wagging tail!

Environment - ecology is an important topic for us, and we are not indifferent to the fate of our planet. Some of our packaging is biodegradable and paper. We use ecological paper tape to pack your order. We strive to ensure that the entire range of our packaging interfere with nature as little as possible.

Fun - the dog likes to play just like humans …

We played around with the names of our brands: NAPSANOSY, TRZYPSY and ŁAPSIE, these are our original brands of treats produced in Poland.

Diversity - small, large, purebred, mongrel?

We have delicious treats for each pet. The tab "What for my dog?" will facilitate the selection.

Thanks to products such as Łapsie or Napsanosy , we additionally introduce the possibility of diversifying your dog's diet with unusual flavors - ostrich, kangaroo, sea algae, green tea, vanilla or milk thistle.

- now your pet friend can try something new.

Smile - at Happy Snacky we want your dog to always be Happy

If you want to create a HAPPY world for dogs with us, and you have reflections or suggestions about the website, or you just want to chat with us, please contact us - hello@happysnacky.pl

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